Kim Kline – ‘Stand Tall’ – ESSENTIALLY POP



At the start of her music career, Kim Kline established herself as a singer with pop rock sensibilities, capable of showing complex emotions in her songs. Now she challenges those who fell for her style with a new direction, in her latest single, ‘Stand Tall’, the first track from from her upcoming album, ‘Exhale’.

Texas-born Kim continues to write penetrating songs, but instead of being introspective, she now gazes outwardly: on ‘Stand Tall’ Kline takes on bullying, and pulls no punches with her message.

Sadly, Kim Kline has first hand experience of what it’s like to be bullied, and the damage it can do. In ‘Stand Tall’, she sings with the compassion only a survivor can. Producer Cristian Robles, who has worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Celine Dion, the Rolling Stones, and Sting, is able to bring out Kline’s charms, and ensures the message comes out loud and clear.

Kim Kline knows that, in most cases, intervention from someone else oftentimes causes the bully to stop: this is why the message to ‘Stand Tall’ is directed not just to the victims, but also to those others who might see what’s going on, and an encouragement to not just passively watch on, but to get involved. The video, directed by Clark Langon, speaks directly to the consciences of the viewer, with the bullied expressing themselves directly, by way of cardboard and ink, direct to camera.

You can watch the video for ‘Stand Tall’ below. Check out Kim Kline’s official website for more information about the artist and her music.