Interview with Kim Kline; ‘Stand Tall’ is an anthem that is so poignant in today’s society for anyone who’s ever been bullied’

MARCH 17, 2019
Songwriter and musician Kim Kline is sharing her powerful and emotive new single that sheds a serious light on a widespread epidemic in our society; bullying. With her new single, “Stand Tall,” Kline exposes the hurts caused by bullying, as she herself has been bullied, and she’s concerned by what she sees. Hailing from Texas,…

Songwriter and musician Kim Kline is sharing her powerful and emotive new single that sheds a serious light on a widespread epidemic in our society; bullying. With her new single, “Stand Tall,” Kline exposes the hurts caused by bullying, as she herself has been bullied, and she’s concerned by what she sees.

Hailing from Texas, Kline’s “Stand Tall” is featured on her new album, Exhale. Kline collaborated with producer Cristian Robles (known for his work with Peter Gabriel, Celine Dion, Rolling Stones and Sting), and his production features the fine touches and polish, along with Kline’s delicate, yet powerful vocals.

Kline’s goal with “Stand Tall” and it’s music video is to encourage those who see it to step up and “stand tall” to a bully, to put it to a stop. The music video, directed by Clark Langon (who has worked with Alicia Keys, Brad Paisley, Chvrches, among others), features interventions of those who are witnessing the bullying.

In our interview with Kim, she talks about bullying, her experience with it and her single “Stand Tall,” along with working with producer Robles and director, Langon.

On your newest single and music video, “Stand Tall,” you take on a very important stance regarding bullying. What is your experience with bullying, and how has this song helped you express your thoughts about it?

Kim Kline: My experience with bullying would be it knows no boundaries when it comes to age, race, or the long lasting impact it can have on one’s life. “Stand Tall” and it’s message has helped me express empowerment and that you’re not alone when it comes to bullying. “Stand Tall” is an anthem that is so poignant in today’s society for anyone who’s ever been bullied.

“Stand Tall” is also the first track released from your upcoming album. Can you tell us a little about what fans can expect from the new album?

Kim: My new and upcoming album Exhale is my proudest achievement.  The songs are all so easy to connect with.  With each experience I’m sharing and writing from, the listener will feel as if it’s written for them.  The album is so relatable.  The musical sound, “production”, and vocals, are screaming with a passion and love for music with catchy hooks and melodies that fans won’t be able to get out of their heads.

You also worked with notable producer, Cristian Robles. Can you explain your time working with him?

Kim: Working with four-time Grammy-winner, Cristian Robles was truly a dream come true.  He took my lyrics, my songs and brought them to life.  I completely let go and trusted in Cristian to create with no limits! The final result; an album I’ve dreamed of my entire life that is real, genuine, authentic and timeless. Cristian has been fortunate to work with some of the greatest artists and vocalists in the industry. I learned so much from him in the making of my album, it was priceless. He pushed me and challenged me in ways that have without a doubt made me a better artist.

“Stand Tall” is such an important message and music video. How do you hope people react to it?

Kim: Thank you.  I hope people will react by using it as a tool and a message to help others who are being bullied on a daily basis and see no way out.   I would love for every single school to share this video in the school system’s as a way to help educate and spread the message that would make a difference to so many.

Share with us about the making of “Stand Tall.” Was it hard filming, possibly reflecting on your own experiences with bullying?

Kim: The making of “Stand Tall” was so meant to be.  Everyone who was a part of this video had their own stories of being bullied.  We were all so connected and united through the sharing of these experiences.  The video and it’s making are so powerful because everyone that was a part of the video had lived it already.  For the cast and crew it was like they felt heard and could express themselves through the medium of the video.  I say that because the scars were deep with all of these people. It was as if the video and song for “Stand Tall” made them feel liberated once and for all.   You can clearly see that these wonderful people all shared the same passion about this topic as myself and my team.

How did Clark Langon make the filming process easier, and share in the vision of “Stand Tall”?

Kim: Clark Langon made the experience seamless, fun and oh-so-easy. His credentials of working with some of the greatest talent in the music industry has made him accomplished and a veteran. He knew exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable, confident and share their stories of being bullied through the camera lens. He gave them the opportunity to let go of the pain they had been holding onto in order to share their experiences to help others.  They all knew and felt they were a part of something very special.

Fun Questions

Who was your first concert and do you have a current favorite?

Kim: My dad took me to a rodeo and George Strait played, and I’ve been a fan of his ever since. My current favorite concert was Sam Smith!  He’s got such a stunning voice and so many fantastic songs!

What was your first album on cassette, CD and/or vinyl?

Kim: My first CD was Mariah Carey! Her vocals on her earlier stuff sent shivers down my spine. What a voice!

Which five albums and/or artists would you not want to live without?

Kim: Oh gosh, only 5 artists [laughing]!  Adele, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, and Whitney Houston … I could go on and on. Which is the case for most music lovers!

Do you have a guilty music or entertainment pleasure?

Kim: My guilty entertainment pleasure is to order pizza, light candles, Netflix and chill, binge-watching until the wee hours of morning with my warm and snuggly blanket.

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