Stand Tall

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When Kim was small girl, like most people she was bullied in those awkward years and those memories seem to never go away and can leave a lifetime of scars. It was her personal experience and the barrage of endless stories of bullying on social media and the news that created the spark that ignited her to write the first single “Stand Tall” from her upcoming album. Her message is “Stand up, Stand Tall”.  More than half of bullying situations (57%) stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the victim. So we believe if you see something, say something. The message in this song will speak to and inspire those that are being bullied or have been bullied. To Stand Up! Our goal is to educate people to understand that the “bully” usually comes from a place of hurt and that’s why they bully others. We hope when you review the information on this page you will be as motivated as we are to “Stand Up & Stand Tall” and work with us on this valiant cause.