An Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of ‘Stand Tall’ The Video: An Empowering Anti-Bullying Song By Kim Kline

By Myki Angeline October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness month. Studies indicate that 1 in 4 youth are affected by bullying each school year which negatively impacts millions of children, parents, and individuals. This includes physical and verbal abuse, along with online cyberbullying and text message ‘sexting’. The epidemic has raised awareness with shows like the Netflix original series Thirteen Reasons Why, and with powerful song anthems like rock artist Kim Kline’s “Stand Tall”, the single off her new, upcoming album Exhale, which is […]

Kim Kline Stands Up To Bullying In “Stand Tall” (Review & Stream)

Described as a ‘rock and roll diva,’ Kim Kline holds nothing back when it comes to making edgy rock music. In her latest single, she uses her edginess for a good purpose, providing us with a heartfelt tune that is just as inspiring as it is enjoyable. “Stand Tall” tackles the epidemic of bullying head-on, giving advice on how to deal with it in several different ways. I love how heartwarming the track feels, as it boasts this explosive/pop-heavy sound […]

Artist Highlight: Kim Kline – “Stand Tall” Single/Music Video

Dubbed the next “Diva of Rock,” popular rock recording artist Kim Kline recently released her music video for her newest single “Stand Tall” through a worldwide online premiere on September 14th. The compelling and moving video really centralizes on the awareness factor of bullying, and delivers a very powerful anthem with a brilliant vocal delivery along with the message carried with it. Kim’s presence in the video is extremely effective and the song is emotionally supercharged in all the right […]