Raised in the tiny town of Graham, Texas, singer-songwriter Kim Kline developed an early, and enduring, passion for music. It was her lifeblood: from rhythm and melody to harmony and performance, nothing else so keenly stirred her passion for life.

As soon as she could, Kim moved to Los Angeles to pursue her rock and roll aspirations. Hard work, determination, and an upbeat spirit led to success; having a song on the radio—and in the top forty—was the culmination of a lifelong dream.

While winning new artist awards and playing historic musical venues such as The Roxy and The Troubadour fueled her onward, life’s inevitable setbacks only intensified her resolve, underscoring the heartfelt, gritty emotion of her songs.

Relying on her wisdom, experience, and a new team, she’s set her sights on what’s next. Her single “Stand Tall” (available on all the usual platforms) marks her return to writing, recording, and performing music full time. The thrill of expanding her artistic reach, working with a diverse array of musicians and producers, and exploring new genres, keeps her focused and energized.

In addition, she works tirelessly to embody her guiding principles for others: that talent can start the engine, but attitude and perseverance make dreams come true. That it’s the journey, not the destination, which makes us who we are. And that the journey can have no better purpose than finding inspiration in the everyday, being true to yourself, getting up when life knocks you down, and trying—even when it feels impossible—to do what’s right.