Kim Kline is synonymous with top-indie music having amassed countless accomplishments including “Top 40 Artist of the Year”, “Top Female Vocalist”, “LA Music Female Vocalist”, “Top Independent Music Video” amongst many, many others.

Kline has rapidly been climbing the music industry ladder – since her self-titled album debut – and now with her “meteoric rise” from the new singles “The Heart Always Wins” and “Stand Tall”, both from her soon to be released album titled “Exhale”.

Kline’s upcoming album “Exhale” is a polished gem of new work having been produced in collaboration with Cristian Robles, who himself has worked with such industry luminaries as Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, Shakira, just to name a few.

“Exhale” includes a collage of new material including the recently released tracks “The Heart Always Wins” and “Stand Tall”, an anti-bullying anthem that is powerfully inspirational, innovative, and contemporary in sound. The track is promoted also with a cinematically memorable music video that puts all eyes on Kline, as well as the message in her lyrics that really leave a dramatic impact on the viewer and listener. That impact being: you’re not alone.

Kline’s latest single “The Heart Always Wins” has been acclaimed as “intoxicating”, resonating “brilliantly within the listener” while it “pulls at your musical heart strings”. Reviews for the latest single are glowing with the conclusion “you’ll be adding [this track] to your collection of favorites from the very first time you give it a listen.”

“The Heart Always Wins” cements Kline’s ascension to the top of the pop/R&B music industry paving the way for a cascade of highly charged, emotive, and exciting tracks yet to follow.